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Moto 360: Android Wear Technology Meets Smartwatch

Moto 360: Android Wear Technology Meets Smartwatch

Moto’s “Game Changer” unveiled

Motorola has officially announced their foray into the smartwatch market. The company has gone ahead with the Moto 360, replete with the features Android Wear promised, with a different but very familiar twist. It is slated for a mid-year release, available in different models.

With Google’s announcement of the Android Wear OS, companies have pledged allegiance to the operating system, creating their own wearable devices using Google’s technology. And Motorola isn’t about the get left behind.

The marriage of analog looks with digital functions

Using traditional but fashionable designs and straps, the 360 has a round, old-school interface just like analog watches, but combined with Android Wear technology from Google. The interface switches from the classic look of a watch to a different screen based on the function being called. Chief Designer Jim Wicks and his team worked on the project for a year and a half to perfect the elegant smartwatch that looks like, well, a high-end watch that anyone can use and wear. And this was even before they learned about Android Wear.

He recently explained to David Pierce of The Verge website that, “Every time you do one, no matter how awesome you might think it is, if it’s square, everyone’s kind of like ‘ehh…’ And you sit there and you think about making it a little bit thinner, or a little bit bigger, a little bit heavier – you work for all those things and you still get that kind of feeling. And then finally we realised we’re not going to break through that ceiling, even with our peers, if we can’t get out of the ‘eh’ zone.”

“We came to the realisation that if we’re going to do this, we need to really embrace what this space is all about.” he added.

It’s a watch that’s more than a watch

The Moto 360 is voice activated by saying “OK Google” to ask for information or have tasks done from its array of functions. One glance will show the time and updates, and it will inform you of your schedule, alerts and notifications discreetly. It has mapping capabilities for on the go guidance while travelling, to keep you connected to your smartphone apps while you go about your daily life activities. The company is currently working on more options, such as customisability and power management.

Moto 360’s website teaser is already up, enticing and encouraging everyone to sign up for updates. The tech world awaits the final product to come out, hopefully in due time.