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Easy Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Easy Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Monthly car payments, petrol, parking and maintenance make driving a car expensive enough, but these smart tips may help you save money on your car insurance.

Firstly and obviously, shop around. Search the Internet for tips on how to choose insurance, what cars are cheapest to insure, and look for online quotes.

Next, review your insurance quarterly. Your circumstances change – maybe you add a new driver to the policy, or your mileage reduces when you take public transport, or you are buying a new car. Those factors can all influence your insurance premiums. Swapping your car for a model with a high safety rating is likely to save you insurance dollars, for example.

Also be sure to consider the savings of combining car insurance with other insurances, such as your home insurance.

If your insurer offers a low-mileage discount, consider car pooling to work.

Of course, keeping a good driving record is one of the easiest ways to keep premiums low.