Dodo TV with Fetch Launches

Dodo, a part of ASX200 company M2 Group Ltd (ASX:MTU), has today announced it has signed an alliance agreement with Fetch TV and will immediately commence offering its IPTV service. The product to be known as Dodo TV with Fetch will be available from today, commencing with a $0 per month offer ($69 set-up fee) on its flagship unlimited standalone broadband plans.

“Dodo has been a leading challenger in the market for over 12 years, offering Australian households high-value services at a cheap price, and our Dodo TV with Fetch plans are no different,” says Boris Rozenvasser, Consumer Director. “Offering Dodo TV with Fetch this way will undoubtedly shake up the market”.
“As broadband speeds increase, so do customer expectations for their entertainment experience. With its new partnership with Fetch TV, Dodo can now bundle a fantastic entertainment service with our market leading broadband service. The market for fixed line services has clearly evolved, and Dodo is committed to leading from the front.”

Dodo is offering its Fetch Lite plan (normally $10 per month for Dodo customers) for $0 per month ($69 set-up fee) on its unlimited standalone broadband plans. This means that customers in metro exchanges can combine an Unlimited ADSL2+ and Dodo TV with Fetch for only $39.90 per month (min price $1026.60 over 24 months including set-up + $24.90 delivery).

“Whilst a number of companies have an IPTV offering, it is our job to make sure that we deliver Australians a great value offering, at a cheap price. It is with this in mind that, that we have launched what we believe to be some of the most disruptive plans on the market. Our plans give customers the flexibility to combine our renowned high-value unlimited broadband and home phone services with a choice of Dodo TV with Fetch options designed to suit every household.”

Key features of Dodo TV with Fetch

    • Ability to bundle either unlimited broadband or an unmetered NBN service (where NBN is available) with Dodo TV with Fetch
    • Flexibility to add a standard home phone or an unlimited local, national and Australian mobile (excl. 13/1300) phone service
    • Choice of two Dodo TV with Fetch plans – Lite and Entertainment Plus, providing:
      • Full PVR functions giving the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV
      • An in-home movie store with access to over 3000 movies to rent, including the latest releases
      • Includes 30 preselected movies each month
      • Free-to-air digital channels (antenna connection required)
      • Catch-up TV on TV
      • Ability to control and watch Dodo TV with Fetch on mobile devices
      • Over 30 extra pay TV Channels (Entertainment Plus plan only) – including premium offerings from Disney, National Geographic, ESPN, MTV, Nickelodeon, BBC, and Universal Networks.
    • As a special launch offer, customers signing up to Fetch Entertainment Plus will receive five movie rental credits to be used for movies of their choice, including new releases (30 day expiry)
    • Flexibility to add-on international packs and special interest channels

“Not only does Dodo TV with Fetch provide a real alternative to the subscription TV incumbent through the excellent premium channels and movie collections – but it will also revolutionise the way Australians consume Free-to-air TV. The set-top box PVR functions allows users to pause and rewind live TV as well as offering advanced recording functions including the ability to record two channels while watching a third and the ability to use series tag to record every episode of a specific show – all on a massive 1 terabyte hard drive, allowing for up to 585 hours of SD recordings”, continues Rozenvasser.

The advanced new generation set-top box includes great apps such as YouTube for TV (watch favorite videos in full screen and pair with your YouTube accounts to access all your playlists), My Media Hub (allows you to play video, music and image files from your computer, phone or tablet to you TV), Weather (providing instant updates and Bureau of Meteorology forecasts) and NASA (giving live coverage of all things NASA and space-related).

Furthermore, Dodo TV with Fetch offers an easy 3-step simple set-up and instant activation!

“Additionally, Dodo is offering a number of value-added products that support Dodo TV with Fetch, including 7″ and 9.7″ Pendo tablets starting from as little as $99 (7″) and $149 (9.7″). Using a mobile device with Dodo TV with Fetch allows you to watch subscription based channels, stream recordings to the device (in-home service only), set recordings, watch movies and it can be used as a remote control.”

Expecting this new offering to generate high interest, Dodo has set up a dedicated hotline to answer any queries that customers may have. Customers wanting to find out more should visit

About Dodo

Dodo is a service provider focusing on residential and small business essential services including telecommunications, power, gas and insurance. Core to Dodo’s success has been the ongoing provision of extremely competitively priced products including: broadband, mobile, home phones, wireless broadband, electricity and most recently car and home building and contents insurance, combined with a strong focus on customer service. Founded in 2001, Dodo has grown to be recognised as one of Australia’s leading brands. Dodo offers products to suit all budgets – from infrequent low-usage users, to high-consumption individuals and businesses.
Dodo Services, Dodo Power & Gas and Dodo Insurance are all part of the M2 Group.

About Fetch TV

Fetch TV partners with leading Internet Service Providers to provide subscribers with an entertainment service delivered to the TV over an unmetered broadband connection to a set top box. In addition to a 1 terabyte personal video recorder for recording TV, the content line up includes an in-home movie store with over 3000 titles including the latest new releases, catch- up TV services, apps including YouTube for TV, as well as the option to add subscription entertainment channels from major content providers such as MTV, Viacom, Disney, ESPN, Comcast, Discovery, BBC, and Fox.

For media information please contact:
Debra Mansfield
M2 Group Ltd
D: 03 9674 6569 E:

The Samsung Galaxy S5

A look at some of the details

Lying flat and screen-up, Galaxy S5’s screen has broken rainbow fractals pieced together with a beautiful and sleek look, with thin, minimalist fonts for the clock and display info. Released in February at the Mobile World Congress, a new smartphone may be old news to some, but its unique features are enough to warrant a second look and a hands-on tryout.

Samsung has got the goods

With a self-described “Modern Flash” design language, adapting some Galaxy Note looks, Samsung’s new smartphone is sleeker than its predecessor, and 0.1 inches larger. The phone is waterproof and dustproof, ensuring no worries from water and less effort in maintaining its sheen. The bigger HD screen uses a biometric fingerprint sensor for added security.

The Galaxy S5 is powered by Android 4.4, KitKat and features a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display. Budding photographers out there will be delighted to know that the S5 packs a 16 megapixel camera that can also capture 4K video. There’s also a download booster with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and MIMO to make sure you’re getting the best out of your data connection.

In addition to these features the Galaxy S5 features the latest S Health technology which monitors heart rate and pulse. The battery is also available in Ultra-Power Saving Mode for emergencies which maximises battery life and limits high energy features to give you up to 20 more hours of battery life.

Three words: Gadget Acquisition Syndrome (GAS). If you’ve read this far, you know you’re hooked. You need to check it out.

Looking for a new smarpthone?

Check out the latest smartphone deals at

Google Glass Teams Up with Oakley and Ray-Ban

Google Glass is poised to go enter the high-end mainstream market. The internet titan has teamed up with Luxottica, manufacturers of the Oakley and Ray-Ban eyewear brands, to design and produce an exclusive line of eyewear frames that would integrate the long-awaited and promising Google technology. The initial market will focus on the two brands and will initially be available in the USA.

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Easy Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Monthly car payments, petrol, parking and maintenance make driving a car expensive enough, but these smart tips may help you save money on your car insurance.

Firstly and obviously, shop around. Search the Internet for tips on how to choose insurance, what cars are cheapest to insure, and look for online quotes.

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Moto 360: Android Wear Technology Meets Smartwatch

Moto’s “Game Changer” unveiled

Motorola has officially announced their foray into the smartwatch market. The company has gone ahead with the Moto 360, replete with the features Android Wear promised, with a different but very familiar twist. It is slated for a mid-year release, available in different models.

With Google’s announcement of the Android Wear OS, companies have pledged allegiance to the operating system, creating their own wearable devices using Google’s technology. And Motorola isn’t about the get left behind.

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Tablets, Tablets Everywhere

Is the Tablet going anywhere?

Tablets have maintained a major presence in the current gadget market, despite perceived over-exposure. And as it continues to pick up many roles in our day-to-day business and tech activities, it continues to adapt and evolve according to current needs and trends. This is despite being regarded as a supplemental support to an actual computer crossed with a smartphone.

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Android In The Lead Over The Apple iPad

It’s official: Android tablets are now the preferred choice sales-wise for tablets. Sales skyrocketed to 195.4 million in 2013, a big increase of 68 percent from 2012, technology research company Gartner recently confirmed. It beats the popular Apple iPad, with sales of more than 9 million, totalling 70.4 million.

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Nokia’s Android X Phones To Stir Things Up

Nokia, Microsoft’s largest mobile partner and recent acquisition, has released their X handsets, a series of three lower-end, Android based devices set to take on the mass market.

Nokia explains that originally, the idea was to introduce devices that are the evolutionary step between Asha, the company’s low-end model and a Windows-based phone. It aimed to produce handsets for their Lumia brand of Windows phones, endorse Microsoft systems and get people to purchase Windows Phones in the long run. The new handsets mirror those of their well-known model Lumia 250 (Windows based as well) with just a few minor differences.

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AGL Warns Gas Plants May Close

As consumers face a doubling of gas prices, AGL has warned that a number of Australian gas-fired baseload power plants may close as a result.

AGL’s chief executive, Michael Fraser, said some baseload gas plants like Origin’s Darling Downs plant and some of the Braemer plants (all in QLD), Tallawarra (NSW), and Pelican Point (SA) will not survive under a high-gas-price, low-carbon-price scenario.

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ACCC to Put Speedometer on NBN Service Providers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will set up a formal monitoring program to ensure customers get the NBN internet connection speeds promised by retail service providers.

Customers are reporting significant fluctuations in their Internet speeds using the NBN. Katia Zanutta had signed up to a 50Mbps plan but recorded three different speeds on her new NBN connection from three different speed test services – 46.3Mbps on, 36.8 on CNet, and an average 45.9 on ozspeedtest.

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